Web 2.0

We are undergoing another digital revolution, Web 2.0. When the Internet first made its appearance, it was more curiosity than necessity for the common man and a new born tool for the specialists. Something today as commonplace as the web-based e-mail was an innovation, search engines were primitive and the Internet was static. The web now is all but static, most web pages are dynamic (rather than being written in html, they are written using PHP), everything is interactive. We can comment or share and what not! Technically speaking, Web 2.0 enables me to write this blog!

The interactivity of the web has developed to such an extreme, that we the people have even built an encyclopaedia. An encyclopaedia compiled over discussion boards, and written over a digital chalkboard by the users. Of course I am referring to is Wikipedia. So much so, we have it in over two hundred languages.

Over the internet documentation compiled over discussion boards are called Wikis. Most of the open source documentation are offered as wikis on the web. Everything today on the Internet is about collaboration and sharing and interaction. It is a society in itself with its own customs, rules and language. And all of this comes about thanks to Web 2.0.

This time instead of saying it all myself I want the readers to realise what I mean by themselves. So visit the links at the end of this post, and experience for yourself. It carries in my opinion some of the best articles and resources on this.

And this is a Youtube channel, maintained by the group at KSU, discussing more of this. Technically all this is referred to as Digital Ethnography.

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