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History is made!

1TeV beam @ the LHC, officially the highest energy beam in the world.

1TeV beam @ LHC


Forgotten casualties of `war’

If only they knew they would be forgotten and disowned so easily, they probably wouldn’t have done it. I am referring to the terrorists who were killed in the recent Mumbai terror attacks in India. The bodies of the terrorists are still lying at the morgue. Their country has refused to take the remains back, and the local Muslim community refuses to let them be buried at their cemeteries, as they feel the terror attacks were misguided. This was recently reported by the BBC.¹

What this led me to think, would they have done what they did if they knew they would be in this predicament later on? Weren’t these naive young individuals led to believe they were about to become `martyrs’, never to be forgotten in the history of the sub-continent? Usually the actual terrorists are regular people who don’t know better, and have been misrepresented the truth. If only we could get this to them before the soothsaying `holy men’ preaching violence against humanity to serve their convoluted purposes.

I believe the correct information is extremely powerful when it comes to dealing with misunderstanding between people. In this particular case we could have done nothing to prevent this (other than better patrolling of course), but we do have a serious internal security problem. Isn’t increased awareness the way to go ahead? And the first step to awareness is unaltered education. I add that adjective as not too long in the past we had a government who wanted to rewrite the text books, wanted to control what was being taught in the schools. Although we have survived that, we still haven’t made much progress over making education more accessible throughout the country. The free mid-day meal programme has largely been a failure due to rampant corruption at the various ranks of the government. I believe once a self-consistent system of basic education is in place, which is free from any external tampering and is self-sufficient we could be on the right track.

Once the information is out there, the common man/woman can be trusted to make their own `informed’ decisions. After all don’t you recall what Swamiji said?

Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in Man.