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I know many of us will disagree with me on this, or probably will dismiss me as being to idealistic, but these days wealth has gone way up in our list of goals, even higher than happiness or right or wrong. The news channels have been talking about the new richest person in the world the last few days, thanks to the appreciating rupee. With regard to that, the reporter asked some commuters whether the individual in question is a role model for us. I won’t discuss the replies the reporter got. Its a matter of personal opinion. But to put forward this particular question when all that has been achieved is creation of personal wealth. The media was not even heralding the creation of wealth as a corporation.

Has everyone put other aspects of human life way below in their priorities, that someone deserves to be considered for a “role model” just for achieving a more luxurious life for oneself? Have we become too selfishly self centred and indifferent to others that what matters most is our own well being? What was more disappointing was that none of the responses pointed out that wealth does not qualify a person as a role model! (to add to this the corporation in question has been involved in many incidents which fall in the grey areas of what is permissible under law)

In todays age of distrust, injustice and crime, we should start considering what has been traditionally considered to be good and desirable. I don’t mean go back to the conservative school of thought and forget about the liberties of the modern society. But I would like to insist on the traditional values of selflessness, brotherhood, compassion, creativity, and in general anything driven by the will to good for others. We should change our priorities, our morals, our goals but only for the better.