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Urban graffiti

I love going around a city looking for street art.  It feels like a treasure hunt.  You never know what you are going to get: a wonderful piece of art that you love, art that you don’t quite like, or maybe an empty wall; you never know in advance.  The compositions might be thought-provoking, colourful, or simply some elaborately caligraphed phrase or name; maybe all of them!  Often the story does not stop at just going and looking at the art, almost always there are associated stories behind each piece.  I find trying to seek out these stories an incredible experience.  I think it speaks about a city’s character, history, culture and maybe even its “personality”.

Since I have been living in Amsterdam for quite sometime now – inspired by a talk I attended at the Van Gogh Museum by Nicole Blommers – I have been trying to spot graffiti around Amsterdam.  I have managed to put them on a Google map.  You can check it out; I’ll keep it updated as I explore more and find new artworks.