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Dilution of orthodoxy

In the Indian society, Islam is considered synonymous with orthodoxy. Although there are far more deep-rooted scenarios where orthodoxy is prevalent, this however presents itself in front of us brazenly in the form of attire, food habits, and social behaviour. Although this aid in the stereotyping of muslims, it also makes any changes stand out like a lamp in a dark room.

It was Muharram, a few days back. I had noticed something remarkable, so to put my observation through I started with my friend on the ‘burqa’. Even before I could finish my sentence, he said they come in bright colours these days. Gone are the times, when lady followers of Islam had to choose from their monochrome ‘outdoor’ wardrobes. Now a days you see baby pink, olive green, sky blue, canary yellow and what not. And to add to that the veil is not always down! If you are not blind, you are bound to notice.

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