Emacs cheat-sheet for not-so-common tasks


This is a W.I.P.

Manipulating regions and blocks of text

C-x C-x interchanging mark and point
M-w copy marked region to kill ring
M-x delete-region delete region without copying to the kill ring
C-x r k rectangle kill
C-x r y yank killed rectangle
C-x r r a copy rectangle to register `a’
C-x r i a insert contents of register `a’ at point
C-t transpose letters around point
M-t transpose words around point
M-z zap to the first ‘char’, with argument zap to nth
M-d kill word forward
M-<backspace> kill word backward
C-M-k kill balanced expression e.g. (…) or {…}


C-x r a save point to register `a’
C-x r j a jump to point stored in register `a’
C-M-v scroll other window upwards
C-M-S-v scroll other window downwards
C-l bring point to the centre of the window
M-a Jump to beginning of sentence
M-e Jump to the end of sentence
M-{ Move up one paragraph
M-} Move down one paragraph

Keyboard macros

Always try to start and end at the same column where you started
recording the macro.

C-x ( Start recording keyboard macro
C-x ) Stop recording keyboard macro
M-x edit-last-kbd-macro Edit last keyboard macro
C-x C-k n Name last keyboard macro

Author: Suvayu Ali

Date: 2010-11-06 16:07:04 PDT

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